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Space Shifters

26 September 2018 - 6 January 2019

A much more immersive, installation style of art exhibition, "Space Shifters" was unique. It was as if many of the artists were given the term "illusion", "warped space" or the task to create a new way of seeing. Installations to singular objects from modern materials such as polished, mirrored surface steel, cast resin orbs and engine oil, the viewpoints the artworks enabled but also distorted was fascinating: to see the world around us through the eyepiece of a "Space Shifter", where the world around us looks unrecognisable, or in some cases magical.

Artist Fred Eversley's, created a smooth, polished parabolic lens from 1971. Immediately it draws the eye, and, in this age of social media, it stands as a great 'Instagram moment'. [This is an interesting discussion into how social media can affect any industry, even architecture/interiors, and in this case, exhibition spaces.] Interestingly, his educational background leans to Electrical Engineering rather than sculpture. This, to me, only highlights the exhibition's overlap with science and the precision of thought in these pieces.

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