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"Representing an Idea"

The Stage 3 Theory into Practice module presented an opportunity to dedicate a written and formatted piece to work in harmony with our design work, and how our own theories and critical contexts impact the architecture. For my focus, this impact placed great importance on the drawn image and the physical methodology of the creative process. Using Peter Zumthor as my key example, his work was the initial concept for my own design in the Primer phase, therefore I wished to compare his process to my own in a side-by-side comparison. 

His practice emphasises the use of iteration in model-making and also drawing, of which I compare my own layered drawings on tracing paper to his. The architect's preference to hand-drawing especially in the early stages of design results in well documented methodology, following his narration of his personal experience, memories and key drivers to his own design. His personal tone is both evident in his writing and design, as he uses his memories and emotions to design the most intimate of spaces (Bruder Klaus Chapel) or the environment to dictate the journey through the space (Therme Vals).

This essay was a great platform to present my own physical design process and emphasise the importance of hand-rendering within my graduate project, "Excavation, Navigation, Meditation".

"'Representing a Idea': the design process and methodology", Stage 3 Theory in Practice

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