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"A Gallery for Laure Prouvost"

Background image: Arcoeditorial

Quotation: Laure Prouvost, If It Was, 2017

Starting with our individual studio group's material, GLASS, I began to investigate different ways to interpret the material. I used the concept of phenomenological and literal transparency, to more visual and simplistic contrasts such as fragile/sturdy, to exploring the inhabitants' feelings inside "a glass box" - vulnerability/safety. I wished to exploit the material to something illusionistic and dream-like, but not just visually. 

The site was drawn from the influence of the Berwick Film Festival, of which our project would help accommodate an artist partaking. It is there I encountered Laure Prouvost, a French multi-media artist combining film and installation with a flair of satire and the expectations of behaviour and language. Her website was, (and still is), as peculiar as the artworks. My experience, transformed from recorded self-narration to visual collage, became my project's new concept art and inspiration for design. 

My project, instead of accommodating a simple workspace and living space for the artist, would be a homage museum also. The rooms and hallways would be specially crafted, as exhibition spaces for her installations and videos. The architecture would be, however, integrated within the artwork's experience, as a rejection to the exhibitionist "glass-box gallery" contemporary design. Each space would be a unique experience, based entirely around the artist's portfolio of works. 

Tutors: Amy Linford + Stella Migdali

"Exploring Experience", Stage 2 Design

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