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"A Day in the Life of You"

Using ourselves as case studies, we interpreted our daily routines and life rhythms into a visual narrative, with 3 vignettes depicted the different times of day and prose to accompany the images. 

Morning: I chose to present having woken up as I pack my bag and plan for the day ahead. The timelapse drawing reflects the beginning of the creative thinking that I aim for the afternoon - a mental kick-start out of slumber. 

Afternoon: This vignette shows the Stage 2 architecture studio, a seemingly new environment for the new academic year. The collage shows a Cubist influence to depict the new space from as many angles as possible, as if swiftly panning the area. 

Evening: I focused on tonal and atmospheric drawings to emphasise the relaxed nature to end the day. Getting ready for sleep with a hot beverage, I reset the cycle for the next day. 

"A Day in the Life of You", Stage 2 Design

Morning, 'A Day in the Life of You'

"I lean back on my uncomfortable chair where the back rest digs into my lower back; the back rest only reaches roughly 25cm up. I stretch my legs where I can feel the cold surface of the radiator, which is never warm, and turn on my tabletop lamp. I stare down at the arrangement of my desk from the night before.  My laptop sits to my left at a comfortable angle, with my sketchbook in front of me and my clutter of pens and miscellaneous stationery that were once closed neatly in my pencil case spread chaotically above it. I can hear tired chatter from outside and also within the house, along with the smell of cooking from the downstairs kitchen. Hearing the snippets of conversations from the road entertain me for a small interval, including conversations of ‘last night’ and today’ s weather. The cup of tea warms my palms as I wrap my hands around it, watching the hypnotising patterns of the steam illuminated by the lamp, a huge contrast to the icy chill of the winter outside. As the music from my laptop carries around the bedroom, the words eventually drown out leaving only melodies and rhythms flowing alongside my trails of thought. My fineliner makes a rough yet familiar sound of friction when drawing onto the thick paper, as I create brief notes on the page for the day ahead. Making notes on what needs to be improved and in which medium I should colour the drawing, I find myself distracted with the idea of breakfast. The small idea within my mind rapidly spreads and I grab my now empty mug to carry downstairs. I’ll continue working after a break and some food."

Afternoon,  'A Day in the Life of You'

"After the new routine walking into the new second year studios from Jesmond, the atmosphere feels as if it has transferred exactly from the previous year before the holidays. However unlike last year the tables are neat and clean, the studio tidy and the shelves to store models - empty. The larger windows allow much more daylight into the space, albeit raining; it is nice to not rely fully on the synthetic lighting. I look around the unfamiliar space filled with familiar faces, all at varying levels of concentration. Some clusters socialise and share ideas, whilst others pay little notice to their surroundings, plugged into the world within their headphones. The paced environment of the space is scattered around - where those who are focusing more intensely are shown on my photo collage at more angles, expressing the movement of their thoughts and physical actions. Although a somewhat social environment, it is strange to consider that every user’s experience is different, depending on their individual workspaces. My eyes wander around the room, and eventually return to look back to my own tablespace, in its characteristic organised chaos just like my desk at home. All that is missing is the hot cup of tea."

Evening,  'A Day in the Life of You'

"There is a universally recognised sensation that is gained from stepping into your home after a long day. The key clicking in the lock, followed by the squeak of the front door that is oddly comfortably familiar, to the freedom of kicking off your shoes into the uneven line of your fellow housemates’. The smell of the warmth and comfort is unmistakable and almost soothing, with the faint smells of the dinners which had been cooked hours before. The welcoming sight of my bedroom cues the unloading of my bags and coat and diving into the bed that I was so solemn to leave in the morning. The covers are immediately chilled against my skin but I can feel the bed warming compared to the cold chill of the house. The scent of my peppermint tea fills my nose and the steam retaliates against my face as I blow into the mug. I stretch legs and toes in perfect synchronisation to my yawn, whilst the quiet opening credits of a television show fills the air. My eyes struggle to focus on the television’s contents, so I reach across to set an alarm for the next morning on my phone on the bedside table. Just the one episode for tonight I think."

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