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2015, 2017

"Charrette Week"

To begin the new academic year, Newcastle University's School of Architecture dedicates the first week to Charrette Week, a tradition involving all years co-operating to produce a final product within the year's theme. It provides an experience to work alongside students of varying skill levels, enabling us to learn from each other in an immersive, intensive week-long project. 

"Nu Baroque"

With focus on the architectural Baroque movement our Charrette proposed an exploration into how it could affect the design of wearable pieces. The use of sustainable materials was a priority, as we were encourage to use waste materials found around the university. Our group was interested in the flamboyance and intricacy of Baroque features, and therefore looked to reflect such characteristics in a head-piece and dress. The method of folding was inspired by this, looking to different paper folding styles to produce different appearances and textures. The week was finished with a fashion show, providing the opportunity to showcase all the different groups’ pieces. 

"Nu Baroque", Stage 1 Design

"Charged Spaces"

Working in close connection with Arduino technology, this Charrette wished to challenge the rising culture of "mass distraction" to create adaptive and flexible spaces in the form of a 'parasitical sub-architecture' installation. The idea of the "new" and unpredictability of space occupation and function was a theme we hoped to enforce into the installation: claustrophobia, unease and distortion were key concepts for its design. 

"Charged Spaces", Stage 3 Design



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